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About me...

My name is Jess Burgess and I am passionate about dogs! I grew up near St Albans where I first started and ran my grooming business for two years. I now live in Buriton where you might well see me, my two Golden Retrievers and my Goldendoodle, Ted, Remy and Otis enjoying walks around the village.


I have a degree in Graphic Design and Communication, but wanted to channel my love for all things dog. Short Bark and Sides was established in 2019 after I achieved an OCN qualification in dog grooming.


Short Bark and Sides provides mobile grooming in Buriton, Petersfield, Waterlooville, Liss and the surrounding areas. Look out for me in my personally designed van!

My qualification in dog grooming helps me to understand what is best for you and your pet and the treatment you want them to have. 


HI! I’m Ted. I’m 7 years old and I am a Golden Retriever. I’m owned by Jess (I think I’m her best friend)! 


I’m very laid back and gentle (sometimes a bit lazy too). I HATE fireworks and hi-viz. My best snack is carrots.


When Jess groomed me for the very first time, I wasn’t sure I was going to like it… but Jess was very gentle and calm and the warm water was lovely. She didn’t even mind when I shook all over her.


She trimmed my claws, cleaned my ears and dried me all over and even gave me a treat for behaving myself. I also chose my own doggy cologne! I’m definitely the best groomed dog in town!


Love Ted 🐾




Hi! My name is Louis, I’m a Golden Retriever and I belong to Jess. I'm 4 but still act a bit like a puppy. My favourite snack is cucumber.

I’m a very busy boy and always on the go. I like howling at anyone new in my house - just to say hello! 


Jess has groomed me a few times now and she says I am a good test dog for naughty behaviour because I really don’t behave myself! She says I have to wear a muzzle because I get a bit nervous, but she is working hard with me, and now she can clip my claws without any growling! We are still working on the hair dryer though.


Jess says that if she can groom me then she can groom anyone, so I must be a very special dog! 


Love Louis 🐾




Hi! I'm Otis, and I'm Jess's baby (Although I have just turned 2).


Being a Goldendoodle, I have a great combination of brains and good looks, although Jess says sometimes I am too much of a free thinker.

I love eating carrots and like to steal them out of the greenhouse! I'm a great guard dog and I'm very noisy, so I'm always first to the door (And everyone can hear it too)!

Jess says it's a good thing I'm so cute, as it makes up for my naughty moments!

Love Otis 🐾 



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