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Terms and Conditions

  • Please make sure you give at least 24 hours notice if you need to cancel or rearrange an appointment. A charge may be made for missed appointments to cover travel and time lost.


  • A parking space (roughly two cars length) must be available, as well as a mains socket to plug the van into throughout the grooming appointment. 


  • Parking area should be as level as possible, but a slight hill is not a problem. If parking or access to electricity is not available you are welcome to bring your pet to my home for their appointment instead.


  • Please let me know if your dog is not used to being groomed, as I may need to allow a longer time slot. I will take my time with nervous/stressed/young/old dogs to allow them to get used to the grooming experience.


  • If your pet has got matting, tangles or knots, I will do my best to remove these with minimal stress to them. However, depending on the severity, there may be extra charges to cover time and wear of equipment used. I will always talk you through the groom if I have concerns about mats, knots and tangles first, and talk through the price before I begin the groom. 


  • In accordance with the Animal Welfare Act, if a dog turns out to be matted, the coat may have to be clipped short if it cannot be rescued. A matting form will always need to be filled out, signed and dated before the groom can begin.


  • All pets should be free of parasites, fleas, ticks and worms. If these are found on your pet, I will inform you immediately. All my shampoos include flea treatment, and I do an all over check for ticks during the groom. 


  • Please inform me if your dog has ever bitten or displayed aggression. The Dangerous Dogs Act holds owners liable for bites and injuries caused by their dogs. If a dog tries to bite, a muzzle may be used to enable the completion of the groom. If this is not possible, for your dogs and my safety, I reserve the right to refuse to finish the groom. Payment will be necessary for completed part of the groom.


  • Photos of your pet may be taken during the groom to use on ‘Short Bark and Sides’ own website and social media pages. I will always ask you to read and sign a social media allowance form before your pet’s first groom. Do not feel you need to sign this, but please make it clear to me if you do not agree to the terms.

  • A client record form will need to be filled out, read and signed before your pet’s first groom. This form just gives me necessary information about you and your pet. A summary of the above terms and conditions must be read through and signed/dated before I can start a grooming. 

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Please get in contact if you have any questions about possible terms and conditions not listed here, or for any other information.

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